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Racor FBO Series Filtration Assemblies are designed to meet the tough conditions of today’s industrial and marine refueling operations. They can be used for a variety of applications, including mobile refuelers, refueling cabinets, diesel fuel dispensing pumps, and primary fuel filter/water separators on large diesel engines.

The assemblies feature a locking ring collar, which attaches the filter housing to the aluminum die-cast filter head with four oversized wing bolts. The locking ring collar allows a single person to perform service by hand-loosening the four collar bolts, rotating and lowering the bowl assembly, and removing the dirty element. With the new element installed, the procedure is reversed. The wing bolts are then hand tightened to complete the service.

Several FBO models are available for purchase, including basic single units, pre-configured units, and duplex/manifold units. Three different cartridge types are available in multiple micron ratings. FBO assemblies support flow rates ranging from 20 to 75 gpm (76 to 284 lpm), depending on the model, type of element installed, and fuel type being filtered.

The FBO’s housing is powder-coated and capable of withstanding up to 150 psi (1034 kPa) at 240°F (116°C). A manual vent valve on the head and a manual drain valve in the steel bowl help provide ease of service. Some assemblies include a heavy-duty mounting bracket with integral fittings that extend the 1-1/2” NPT ports connections.

Dual (DFBO) unit assemblies have a single manifold head with a central rotary valve for diverting fuel flow from one housing to the other. With this valve, a clean reserve filter can be brought into service while the engine is running.

Notes on Use

• On DFBO assemblies, the central rotary valve for diverting fuel flow from one housing to the other is not internally leak-proof, so servicing a dirty element should only take place with the engine off.
• For FBO assemblies that include a filter in the housing, choose the desired type and micron rating. For FBO housings that do not come with an element installed, you will need to purchase elements separately. For additional information, consult literature in the “Product Support” tab.
• Agriculture
• Construction
• Power Generation
• Oil and Gas
• Marine

• Diesel and Biodiesel (e.g., fuel dispensing systems, marine fuel docks, mobile refueling units, refueling cabinets, fuel filter water separators)

• Removes water that enters the system during refueling. Any water present in the fuel stream will support bacterial growth, which can cause clogged filters and result in the formation of corrosive acids. Susceptible components then rust and corrode, leading to erosion and wear of critical fuel system components.
• Removes hard particles present in air that are introduced during fueling, such as sand and silica.
• Prevents costly injector damage and increases operational life of downstream filters.
• Saves time and money by eliminating unplanned maintenance and unscheduled downtime from system component failure.
• Available in a wide range of configurations to meet the unique requirements of customers’ engines, including marine (UL-approved) versions.
• Locking ring collar allows a single person to easily perform service
• Perfect for biofuel applications.
• Die-cast aluminum head
• Steel filter bowl assembly
• Powder-coated components
• Locking ring collar held with oversized hand tightened wing bolts
• 1-1/2” NPT inlet and outlet standard, 2X 1" NPT on Duplex model
• Manual vent valve
• 150 PSI @ 240°F (10.3 bar @ 115°C) maximum design pressure/temperature
• Optional or included Manual drain valve (#73225-.5)
• Optional or included Mounting Bracket (#73084)
• Optional or included Water Sight Glass (#72710)
• Included Differential Pressure Indicator on some models (not available as upgrade)
• Optional self-contained electronic water sensing probe: Order Part# RK18-1656 bushing + RK30880E Sensor self-contained sensor/probe
• Optional electric heater # FBO-HTR-KIT (not for gasoline)

specificaciones técnicas
Número de carcasas: One Head and Housing
Caudal (lph): Up to 95 in Diesel, 200 Gasoline
Accesorios opcionales preinstalados: Base Model
Caja de uso: Industrial
Caudal (gpm): Up to 25 in Diesel, 55 Gasoline
Serie del producto: Cartridge FF/WS, FBO
Elemento de filtro: Filter Element Ordered Separately
Marca: Racor
Para tipo de fluido: Diesel/B20/Gasoline
Tipo de montaje: Optional Bracket Kit Part# 73084
Valor de filtración (micras): 1, 5, 10, 25 available µm
Tipo de válvula: None
Tipo de calor: Option: Part# FBO-HTR-KIT
Materiales de fabricación: Aluminum head, Steel Bowl
Tamaño del puerto: 2X 1-1/2" NPT
Aplicación: Fuel Transfer/Engine Filtration
Opción del sensor de agua: Order Part# RK18-1656 bushing + RK30880E Sensor
Rango de presión: 150 PSI @ 240°F (10.3 bar @ 115°C)
Temperatura de funcionamiento: -40°F to +255°F (-40°C to +124°C) cont
Peso: 15 lb / 6.8 kg
Opción de drenaje: Drain Valve Included
Tipo de indicador: Order Parts#
72694 0-15 psid
72783 0-30 psid
Opciones adicionales: Water Sight Glass Part #72710
Altura: 19 in/47.7 cm
Anchura: 8.6 in/21.8 cm

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